‘The Small Publishing Company with Big Ideas’

perry.sanger.image.2014September 1990

Our Publisher (Our People) first entered the contact centre industry having being appointed Advertisement Director on the then leading ‘call centre’ magazine of its time.

Call Centres, or contact centres as we like to refer to them as, were just starting which was the ideal time to start a magazine and, perhaps more important, to learn about the industry whilst utilising his vast Publishing experience.

During 2015 Perry celebrated having been within the contact centre industry some 25 years – an amazing fact especially as he tells colleagues and clients that he is only 38!

barney.image.2014September 2000

Our Publisher (Our People) resigns to launch new magazine ‘contact-centres’ using his experiences of the contact centre industry and being in Publishing since 1986.

He called the company ‘Barney Publishing’ for no other reason that his dog, a Dalmation/Collie Cross, was called Barney!


call.centre.worker.black.white.image.2014May 2001

The first contact-centres magazine is published and distributed to 10,000 contact centre management thanks mostly to Sponsorship by Rockwell together with the website contact-centres.com.



June 2003

The Publishing rights to the magazine  ‘contact-centres’ were sold with the website still being retained.

This was followed by our Publisher spending 6 Months in Dubai to contemplate his next publishing move whilst on a Beach updating the website on a daily basis.


July 2014

147 Media Ltd awarded Government Award for ‘Digital Company of the Year’ for which we were truly honoured ( if not totally surprised!)

The company was praised in achieving publishing success in a relatively short period of time.

The award was duly celebrated in trendy and expensive wine bars in the West End of London!

September 2014

147 Media Ltd Shortlisted for prestigious Business Award being held 31st October 2014 – Company of the Year!



October 2014

147 Media Ltd won the prestigious Business Award  – Company of the Year!



November 2014

Our flagship website now attracts over 100,000 visitors per month with 88% of which being UK based.



January 2015

Harriot joins the ranks at 147 Media Ltd after impressing the management during her 3 month trial.

Her job involves anything that can be deemed as being ‘digital’ and takes full responsibility with any problems that occur on the website.

(see Our People)

August 2015

Having used Dreamweaver as a website design platform we migrated to Wordrpress whilst completing updating our SEO on all 5,000+ pages.

The result? A significant increase in traffic so much so we had to have a upgraded dedicated server!


 January 2016

Having attracted, on average, 125.000 visitors to the website per month our server, which we upgraded in August 2015 can’t cope with the increased traffic.



March 2016

Kim joins the ranks at 147 Media Ltd after impressing at her interview.

(see Our People)


 July 2016

Changed servers to cope with the increased volume of traffic to the website



August 2016

Our Publisher is convinced that having two season tickets to entertain clients at the London Stadium would be beneficial.

This subsequently turned out to be the ‘kiss of death’ as the initial results weren’t too memorable.


January 2017

Our 2017 sponsors confirmed as Interactive Intelligence, UltraComms, Jabra and Aspect



January 2018

Our 2018 sponsors confirmed as Genesys, UltraComms, Jabra and Aspect



February 2018

In response to many of our customers, fiends and clients asking us ‘Who created your website?’ 147Media launched a website division

See examples of our work!


February 2019

Our 2019 sponsors confirmed as Genesys, UltraComms, Jabra, NICE and Aspect




Our 2020 sponsors confirmed as Contexta360, NICE, Jabra and Calabrio.



February 2021

Our 2021 sponsors confirmed as Contexta360, NICE, Jabra and Calabrio.



September 2021

147 Media Sponsors Crowthorne Youth AFC Football Club!